Nail Care: How to you ensure that your manicure and pedicure last longer





Here are some tricks on how you can get your manicure and pedicure to last longer!

1. Preparing your nails surface is one of the most important steps to ensure that your manicure lasts longer. First take a few cotton balls and soak them in nail polish remover. It is better to use no alcohol or acetone in your remover as this can dry out your nails. The cleaning of the nail surface removes fat from lotions & moisturizers which can prevent the polish from sticking to the nails.
2. You should always put a base coat on your nails before painting them with a nail polish of your choice. Remember that you are not using a transparent polish as a base layer that is designed to be used as a top layer. Transparent coating is designed to be hard and shiny, and if it is used as top base it will reduce your manicure or pedicure.
3. Choose a glossy nail polish. Nail polishes with pearl formulas are more resistant than the matte ones. To make sure your nail polish is applied evenly, you apply two thin coats of nail polish. Thick layers happen to ‘break’ and can not vaporize so they cause fractures.
4. Do you love the quick drying nail polish? If you do, its one of the things that destroys your manicure and pedicure. Although normal paints dry slowly, they tend to last longer.
5. One of the most important things to long last you manicure and pedicure is `to keep them hydrated. If the nails are dry and contain a hardened polish, then this can result in fractures and cracks. Cover your nails or soak them in moisturizing oils such as argan oil.
6. It is always fun to include nail art designs on your fresh manicure and pedicure. Make sure you use the right supplies!
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International schooling in Malaysia

The benefit of sending your children to international schools

Friends in the Classroom


Children of expatriates often go to international schools whenever they relocate. But what exactly is an international school? And what makes it the best choice for your child? As one of the mothers who sends her children to an international school in Kuala Lumpur, I will give you a few insights.


An international school is a private school which is usually taught in foreign language in accordance to the curriculum it follows. These schools are mainly attended by children of expatriates. International schools usually are not under the control of local education boards,although they are still supervised by the country’s accreditation body and law enforcements.


The advantage of sending your child to an international school is that it still follows the same curriculum of the country it practises. For example, Garden International School in Kuala Lumpur follows the British curriculum, therefore if your children are used to the British syllabus, they wont feel lost or the have the need to catch up to completely new syllabus a whole new language.


As an expetriate and a mother of two children living in Kuala Lumpur, I have spent a lot of time doing research about international schools in Malaysia and of course, Kuala Lumpur. Choosing the right school for our children is something that requires a lot of thought and deliberation. I have spoken to countless of school staffs and other expat parents before finally settling down for an international school for my child.


Below are some of the benefits of sending our children to an international school in my opinion:

  • Diversity of many nationalities, children meet people from over the whole world and celebrate different cultures. In a classroom, you usually have people from Europe, Africa, America, most parts of Asia, and the local Malaysian people (a nice representation of the different continents). This creates a welcoming multicultural environment in which the students can learn and adapt to each other’s culture.
  • English is normally the main language used in most international schools, although extra lessons on the English languare are normally provided to non-English speaking students.
  • The school is very involved with families through the school community and programmes, to help them settle in to their new home country.
  • Children from international schools are more likely to attend college and university in comparison to a lower percentage students from other schools.



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Nail care

Basics of manicure and pedicure

It used to only be for the richer ones among us. But a lot of people now are getting Mani’s and Pedi’s regularly – even the men. They are mostly accompanied with a nice hand or foot massage service, leaving you feeling relaxed afterwards (who doesn’t like that?).

The term originated from the French word manicure, which is derived from the French usage, meaning “care of the hands”, which in turn originated from the Latin words manus, for “hand”, and cura, for “care”.

Manicure and Pedicure
Manicure and Pedicure

What is a manicure?

If we explain a manicure in a layman terms, it’s simply a nice moment where you can relax and have someone help make your nails and hands look pretty and well-kept. This cosmetic beauty treatment consists of filing and cutting the nails in the preferred shape, followed by the application of nail polish or applying fake nails, and ending with a nice hand massage. The definition of a pedicure treatment is the exactly the same, except that you’ll be getting the attention on your feet.

Is it possible to give myself a manicure?

Sure! It is a cheap alternative to the sometimes expensive treatments in salons. Just make sure you have all the right equipment. If you are not sure what to use, or how to use something, you can always look it up on the internet. You can also look for handy tips and tricks on the internet to help you get the look you desire.


Can I also get fake nails?

Yes, like mentioned before, some manicures include painting pictures or designs on the nails, applying small stickers or even fake jewels on the nails for a more 3D effect. This is optional, however, and you are always free to choose whether you like to have this or not. (Remember that this will come with additional charges) Other nail treatments may include the application of fake nail gels, tips, or acrylics, some of which are referred to as French manicures.

There is a newcomer that is currently hot in nail-land, which is called shellac. Shellac is a nail polish that is applied on the nails and dried with a special UV-lamp. This procedure makes sure the nail polish will stay on your nails for at least two weeks. This particular nail polish is ideal for people who does a lot of dirty work with their hands, if you ask us. Perfect nails are now closer than ever, find the nearest nail salon now at and check out their list of available venues wherever you are!

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Tune Talk 4G Mobile Prepaid

Tune Talk low cost 4G Mobile Prepaid Data Packages

Once I went with Tune Talk, it absolutely was for several reasons; the first one being unlike most telecommunication provider in Malaysia, you will not endure additional costs or hidden costs!So apart from the cost-transparency aspect, after I picked Tune Talk as my telco provider I checked out speed, quota, stability and price.

I cannot live without the internet, so when I first evaluate mobile data plan packages, price is not the one thing I go to, it’s quota, however Tune Talk’s Tatata Plans do start at an extremely low introduction rate of RM25 with a max quota limit of 1GB; which is a great package in my opinion.


The good thing about Tune Talk is that it ‘s one of the few mobile provider in Malaysia that gives 4G LTE network, which everybody knows to be the fastest mobile prepaid internet network.Although data and overall mobile plan price are a biggy to me, I cant do without an affordable call rate, because who doesn’t like direct and fast communication? And phone calls remain as one of the fastest communication channel, which ends up in another reason why I prefer TuneTalk; their call rate is only 10 cents per minute!

In case the local call rates do not impress you much, wait for it, as their super-low IDD (International Direct Dialing) call rates will shock you; it certainly did in my opinion, I can call my family back in Australia from only RM0.79 per minute.If you’re a frequent traveller yourself, you can easily go on an unlimited daily data roaming at RM38 daily in 9 countries in Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.

As tecommunication provider goes TuneTalk definitely has got the ideal package if you ask me, but look at a few other providers and make an informed decision before jumping into any conclusion.