Tune Talk 4G Mobile Prepaid

Tune Talk low cost 4G Mobile Prepaid Data Packages

Once I went with Tune Talk, it absolutely was for several reasons; the first one being unlike most telecommunication provider in Malaysia, you will not endure additional costs or hidden costs!So apart from the cost-transparency aspect, after I picked Tune Talk as my telco provider I checked out speed, quota, stability and price.

I cannot live without the internet, so when I first evaluate mobile data plan packages, price is not the one thing I go to, it’s quota, however Tune Talk’s Tatata Plans do start at an extremely low introduction rate of RM25 with a max quota limit of 1GB; which is a great package in my opinion.


The good thing about Tune Talk is that it ‘s one of the few mobile provider in Malaysia that gives 4G LTE network, which everybody knows to be the fastest mobile prepaid internet network.Although data and overall mobile plan price are a biggy to me, I cant do without an affordable call rate, because who doesn’t like direct and fast communication? And phone calls remain as one of the fastest communication channel, which ends up in another reason why I prefer TuneTalk; their call rate is only 10 cents per minute!

In case the local call rates do not impress you much, wait for it, as their super-low IDD (International Direct Dialing) call rates will shock you; it certainly did in my opinion, I can call my family back in Australia from only RM0.79 per minute.If you’re a frequent traveller yourself, you can easily go on an unlimited daily data roaming at RM38 daily in 9 countries in Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.

As tecommunication provider goes TuneTalk definitely has got the ideal package if you ask me, but look at a few other providers and make an informed decision before jumping into any conclusion.